IGNOU M.Com Books & Notes Semester Wise PDF Download 1st 2nd Year

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IGNOU M.Com Books & Notes Semester Wise PDF Download 1st 2nd Year : Ignou M.Com Study Material in English & Hindi PDF की इस पोस्ट में एक बार फिर से आप सभी अभ्यर्थियो का स्वागत स्वागत करते है, आज की पोस्ट में आप सभी अभ्यर्थी Ignou M.Com Books in Hindi Medium PDF for Free Download करने जा रहे है | Ignou University से जो अभ्यर्थी M.com Course Degree कर रहे है या पोस्ट उन अभ्यर्थियो के लिए बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण होने जा रहे है क्योकि आज की पोस्ट में आप सभी अभ्यर्थी Ignou M.Com All Books & Notes Semester wise Free PDF Download करने जा रहे है |

B.Com Books & Notes for All Semester in PDF 1st 2nd 3rd Year

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M.Com Books & Notes Semester Wise PDF Download 1st 2nd, Year

IGNOU M.Com Books & Notes Semester Wise PDF Download 1st 2nd Year
IGNOU M.Com Books & Notes Semester Wise PDF Download 1st 2nd Year

आज की पोस्ट में अभ्यर्थियो को Ignou M.Com Books Neeraj publication की भी मिलने जा रही है जिसे अभ्यर्थी बहुत ही ज्यादा प्रभावशाली मानते है | यदि आप भी Ignou University से M.Com Course की डिग्री करना चाहते है तो सबसे पहले आपको Ingou University से B.Com Course की डिग्री प्राप्त करनी है जिसके बाद आप M.Com (Master of Commerce) Course की डिग्री प्राप्त कर सकेंगे | M.Com Course 2 Year का होता है जिसमे आपको Semester 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2 year में पूरे करने होते है | आज की पोस्ट उन सभी अभ्यर्थियो के लिए है जो अभ्यर्थी M.com Books All Semester with Previous Year Questions Model Paper in PDF खरीदने में असमर्थ है |

Download Ignou New Syllabus in PDF for Free

Ignou New Syllabsu in PDFDownload

IGNOU M.Com IBO-01 International Business Environment Chapter wise Download

Block-01 Concepts and DimensionDownload
Block-02 Globalization Process and Forces Download
Block-03 World Trading Systems and Institution Download
Block-04 Legal Environment Download
Block-05 Contemporary Developments and Issues Download

IBO-02 International Marketing Management

Block-01 Introduction to International MarketingDownload
Block-02 International Market Selection and Entry Download
Block-03 International Product and Pricing Decisions Download
Block-04 International Distribution and Promotion Download
Block-05 Managing International Marketing Operations Download
Block-6 International Marketing Research Download

IBO-03 India’s Foreign Trade

Block-01 Foreign Trade An OverviewDownload
Block-02 Institutional Framework Policies Download
Block-03 Trade Prospects of Select Product-I Download
Block-04 Trade Prospects with Select Product-II Download
Block-05 Trade Prospects of Select Markets Download

IBO-04 Export Import Procedures & Documentation

Block-01 Export Import Documentation & PoliciesDownload
Block-02 Terms of Payment and Financing Practices Download
Block-03 Export Import Trade Operations Download
Block-04 Export Assistance and Support Measures Download

IBO-05 International Marketing Logistics

Block-01 International Marketing, Logistic SystemDownload
Block-02 International Transport System Download
Block-03 International Freighting Practices Download
Block-04 Port Systems and Institutional Arrangement Download

IBO-06 International Business Finance

Block-1 International Financial SystemDownload
Block-2 Foreign Exchange Risk Management Download
Block-3 Investing in Foreign Operations Download
Block-4 Financing International Operations Download

MCO-01 Organization Theory & Behavior

Block-1 Organization TheoryDownload
Block-2 Organizational Behavior and Individual Perspective-I Download
Block-03 Organizational Behavior and Individual Perspective-II Download
Block-04 Group Behavior Download
Block-05 Organizational Culture and Development Download

MCO-03 Research Methodology & Statistical Analysis

Block 1 Research and Data CollectionDownload
Block 2 Processing and Preservation of DataDownload
Block 3 Relational and Trend Analysis Download
Block 4 Probability and Hypothesis Testing Download
Block 5 Interpretation and Reporting Download

MCO-04 Business Environment

Block 2 Legal EnvironmentDownload
Block-1 Socio-Political Environment Download
Block-3 Regulations of Financial Markets Download
Block-4 Economic Environment Download
Block-5 International and Technological Environment Download

MCO-05 Accounting for Managerial Decisions

Block 1 Fundamentals of AccountingDownload
Block 2 Analysis of Financial StatementsDownload
Block 3 Budgeting and Budgetary ControlDownload
Block 4 Standard CostingDownload
Block 5 Cost Volume Profit AnalysisDownload

MCO-06 Marketing Management

Block 1 Nature and Scope of MarketingDownload
Block 2 Product Decisions Download
Block 3 Product Decisions Download
Block 4 Pricing Decisions Download
Block 5 Distribution Decisions Download
Block 6 Promotion Decisions and Emerging Issues Download

MCO-07 Financial Management

Block-01 Foundations of FinanceDownload
Block-02 Investment Decisions Download
Block-03 Long Term Financing Download
Block-04 Financing and Dividend Decisions Download
Block-05 Management of Working Capital Download

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